Vendor Areas Special Exhibits Lecture Classroom Tasting Classroom Workshop Room Professional Kitchen
10 - 11 am Chocolate Pavilion
16 New England-based chocolate companies selling and sampling their wares

Coffee and chocolate drinks and desserts available for purchase
Chocolate Sensorium
Exhibit space devoted to hands-on sensory exploration of the cacao- and chocolate-producing process; special presentations throughout the day

Chocolate Escape Room
Chocolate-themed escape room by Dandelion Chocolate
Delicious science Tasting:
Traditions of French monastic chocolate
Fine chocolate transformed (gâté comme des filles, Chloé Chocolat) Demo:
Bean-to-bar-to-dessert (French Broad)
11 am - 12 pm How sweet it is Tasting:
Flavors of Brazil
12 - 1 pm Chocolate 101 Tasting:
Flavors of Ecuador
Wine, spirits, and chocolate pairing (Christie Dufault) Workshop:
Techniques for chocolate tempering (Beth's Chocolate)
1 - 2 pm The current storm Tasting:
Flavors of Venezuela
2 - 3 pm The birds and the beans Tasting:
A tale of two liquors - flavors of Peru
Beer and chocolate pairing (Craft Beer Cellar) Tasting:
Confections of the world (Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe, Chloé Doutre Roussel)
3 - 4 pm Chocolate bar deconstructed Tasting:
Flavors of Haiti
4 - 5 pm Tasting:
Flavors of the Dominican Republic
Flavors of Vietnam
Natural wine and specialty chocolate pairing (Lauren Friel) Workshop:
Pasta + cacao - a savory chocolate experience (Blue Door Gatherings)
5 - 6 pm The revolution in chocolate Tasting:
Flavors of Mexico
General Admission Workshop tickets required
First come first served

Classes open to General Admission ticket holders

Lecture Classroom Tasting Classroom
10 - 11 am Delicious science: The biology of cacao and chocolate
Learn all about the science of chocolate with Dr. Romi Burks of Southwestern University, from the biogeography and evolution of the cacao plant (Theobroma cacao) to the biochemistry of compounds in chocolate. From the forest to your grocery store shelf, the story of chocolate is fascinating, and delicious!
Tasting: Traditions of French monastic chocolate
Direct from Paris, Dr. Marie-Catherine Paquier will guide tasters through the world of chocolate monastic traditions in France. She brings with her the most emblematic monastic chocolates of the four abbeys in France that make confections following the Ora et Labora philosophy.
11 am - 12 pm How sweet it is: The role of smallholder sugar in building alternative chocolate supply chains (Equal Exchange)
When thinking about where our chocolate comes from, we mainly focus on cacao farmers. But there's another ingredient that plays an integral role in making chocolate a product we love and sometimes crave. This ingredient is sugar. Come learn about where sugar comes from, the challenges and opportunities for smallholder sugar farmers in this global industry and hear about Equal Exchange's work with our Paraguayan farmer partners who are creating a powerful alternative.
Tasting: Flavors of Brazil
Join Food Scientist and Technologist Luciana Ferreira Centeno for a tasting of rare cacao and chocolate from Brazil. Her company NAYAH's mission is to produce and market high quality and value added food products from Amazon raw materials, contributing to regional sustainable development.
12 - 1 pm Chocolate 101
Get an introduction to chocolate with Harvard's professor of chocolate. Dr. Carla Martin will guide you through the history and culture of the world's favorite treat.
Tasting: Flavors of Ecuador
Our friends from Costa Esmeraldas and Casacao in Ecuador show us how their cacao translates into great tasting chocolate. Join Freddy Salazar and Nicole Martinetti in a journey through this cacao origin.
1 - 2 pm The current storm: The realities of climate change for cacao producers (Equal Exchange)
Hear the first hand stories of the realities of climate change from farmers and technical staff of the CONACADO cooperative in Dominican Republic and the Acopagro cooperative in Peru. They will share their experiences with both challenges and potential solutions to give us a better understanding of how climate change is one of the biggest issues the chocolate industry faces today.
Tasting: Flavors of Venezuela
Join Venezuelan celebrity chef Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe and renowned chocolate expert Chloé Doutre Roussel for a tasting of Venezuelan cacao and chocolate. Come and learn with them why Venezuela is currently facing an exciting and challenging chapter in its chocolate history.
2 - 3 pm The birds and the beans: How a new chocolate bar is born
Come join the Dandelion Chocolate R&D team as Karen Cogan, Dandelion Chocolate's Flavor Manager, leads you step-by-step through the process of how one single-origin, two-ingredient chocolate maker develops the flavor profile for a new chocolate bar. Dandelion Chocolate's flavor development process aims to make delicious bars that highlight the inherent flavors of the beans and showcase the hard work of their cacao-producing partners. Come taste through the flavor development process from start to finish for one of Dandelion Chocolate's newest bars, Reserva Zorzal Estate.
Tasting: a tale of two liquors - flavors of Peru
Come learn with Equal Exchange and Acopagro as we taste both liquor and chocolate made in different flavor labs in the US and Peru! Making chocolate is a complex and arduous process, so it's important for manufacturers to be able to properly assess the quality of the beans without having to go through the entire chocolate making process, and for producing coops to be able to assess beans prior to selling in order to better meet customer's needs. With no added flavors, sugar, or cocoa butter, chocolate liquor is chocolate in the purest form (and no, it's not alcoholic!). It can be a little intense, especially the first time you try it, but it's a critical way to evaluate the true flavors of the beans with no other ingredients masking the flavors.
3 - 4 pm Chocolate bar deconstructed: A sensory workshop
Taste the wonders of Vermont! The team of Lake Champlain Chocolate creates an experience to discover the flavors of the Green Mountain State though chocolate.
Tasting: Flavors of Haiti
Join our partners from PISA Cacao et Cafe to learn more about the promising future of Haiti in the specialty chocolate sector. Cacao producer Aline Etlicher will join chocolate makers to talk about the importance of communication between the cacao and chocolate producers.
4 - 5 pm Tasting: Flavors of the Dominican Republic
Join our producer friends from the Dominican Republic to talk about their partnerships with chocolate makers in the United States, and taste the flavors of their work!
Tasting: Flavors of Vietnam
Coming all the way from Southeast Asia, join Sam Maruta to learn about the promise and success of Marou Chocolate, a company working with both cacao and chocolate in Vietnam.
5 - 6 pm The revolution in chocolate
Experts from the chocolate industry describe the journey that specialty chocolate has taken over the past years. Explore with them the important and delicious role that consumers play in changing the chocolate industry.
Tasting: Flavors of Mexico
Daniel Reza is a young leader in Mexico's chocolate scene. Learn about the chocolate drinks and bars made by his company at La Rifa Chocolateria in Mexico City and ponder the past and future of one chocolate's most emblematic homes.

Workshops requiring special tickets

Workshop Room Professional Kitchen
10 am - 12 pm Fine chocolate transformed
Join master chocolatier Alexandra Whisnant of gâté comme des filles and renowned chocolate expert Chloé Doutre Roussel of Chloé Chocolat to explore the use of fine chocolate in high end confectionery. Taste a variety of delicious confections illustrating how premium quality translates from chocolate as an ingredient to finished product. You will never be able to go back!
Demo: Bean-to-bar-to-dessert
Upgrade your home baking with specialty chocolate! Join Jael Rattigan of French Broad Chocolates for chocolate recipes that will amaze you and your guests.
12 - 2 pm Wine, spirits, and chocolate pairing
Learn how to work around flavor and drinks with celebrated sommelier and wine educator Christie Dufault, who will teach the basic guidelines of how to pair beverages with your favorite treats.
Workshop: Techniques for Chocolate Tempering
How can I make delicious chocolates at home? And why does my chocolate get white streaks on top? Join chocolatier Beth Kirsch of Beth's Chocolate to explore basic techniques for getting chocolate to behave and taste fantastic. There will be treats to take home - come hungry!
2 - 4 pm Beer and chocolate pairing
Celebrate Choctoberfest with Craft Beer Cellar at the New England Chocolate Festival! Learn how your favorite IPA, Stout, or Sour pairs with your chocolate of choice.
Tasting: Confections of the world
Join Venezuelan celebrity chef Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe and renowned chocolate expert Chloé Doutre Roussel on a journey through confections and confectionery styles from around the world, featuring a wide array of samples.
4 - 6 pm Natural wine and specialty chocolate pairing
Taste and learn with local wine expert and natural wine advocate Lauren Friel all that these unique drinks have to offer for chocolate lovers.
Workshop: Pasta + cacao - a savory chocolate experience
Chef Laura Bowman of Blue Door Gatherings explores the possibilities of cacao and pasta by matching her two passions: New England culinary traditions and pasta making! She will guide you through fresh pasta preparation and cook a seasonal bite for those who love to eat chocolate no matter the meal, time, or place.